Marketplace Trading in 2017: What Makes Stackfolio Different

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If we did a survey in 2016 on which companies people associate with the term “marketplace”, many consumers would think of innovative companies like Airbnb or eBay. Likewise, if we did a similar survey with bankers and framed the question around “marketplace lending”, many would think of fintech innovators like our friends at Kabbage or StreetShares.

However, what would they have said if we asked which company do they associate with “marketplace trading”? With over 250 institutions on our modern platform as of March 1, bankers across the country are recognizing Stackfolio as the leading answer.

Traditionally, bankers have relied on either their limited network of bank relationships or the human brokerage process to trade loan assets. These methods for loan trading have created a market that is inefficient, opaque, costly, and illiquid.

Stackfolio’s online marketplace is changing that. So what makes us different?

Modern Technology

As a financial technology company, innovation that empowers the banking industry is at the core of who we are. So when we say modern technology, that translates into banks leveraging our powerful online marketplace and transaction wizard tools specifically designed to:

  • Improve trading efficiency with online collaboration, communication, and iteration history.
  • Reduce costs and time managing transaction documents with a smart and secure online data warehouse.
  • Increase pricing transparency with direct tape and bid submission as well as pricing tools for estimated yield and cashflows.

In addition, we use our unbiased and predictive data analytics to automatically target banks nationwide. This automates the targeting and digital engagement strategies changing the scale of reach and visibility for banks in position to trade loan assets.

Growing Network of Banks

Stackfolio currently has a growing network of over 250 banks on our platform that spans across 44 states. The map below shows the distribution of where our banks are from, with dark green indicating the most banks and grey indicating zero banks.

Stackfolio's Growing Network of Banks
Over 250 banks across 44 states. Click for full interactive map.

This growing network represents a diverse set of institutions with varying strategic opportunities to transact with. Here are some median metrics of the institutions:

  • Total Assets: $201,813,000
  • Loan Growth: 5.73%
  • Loan-to-Deposit Ratio: 79.48%
  • Net Interest Margin: 3.69%

What to expect from Stackfolio for the rest of the year?

Institutions on our online marketplace grew from 0 to 250 extremely quickly — as in a few months quick! We anticipate the rate of growth to 1,000 institutions to be as rapid throughout 2017. So with that many institutions, Stackfolio will have one of the most representative network of trading partners ever with the best and most modern toolset.

In addition, we will be rolling out some key enhancements to our platform in the coming months, such as:

  • Competitive loan and deposit product rate data, powered by RateWatch.
  • Strategic analysis around branch deposit and mortgage production data.
  • Estimated cashflow and yield analysis per loan listing.
  • Financial and competitive data for credit unions.
  • Loan transaction Recommendation and Simulation Engine.

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About Stackfolio

Founded by Allen Nance and Pavleen Thukral in 2015, Atlanta-based Stackfolio is a fintech startup that uses modern technology to serve a vibrant online marketplace for loan trading between financial institutions. The integrated data research platform helps institutions make sophisticated trading decisions.

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