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Anderson Tax & Finance Law is proud to announce the Season & Sell 2.0SM: The 20-Day Season & Sell ProgramSM Powered by Stackfolio

Stackfolio and Anderson Tax & Finance Law, LLC today announce the official launch of Season & Sell 2.0SM, a less expensive and more efficient method of trading newly-originated US loans to its offshore affiliates.  This program utilizes the Stackfolio online marketplace for loan trading to facilitate and establish a bright-line standard for trading newly-originated US loans offshore and introduce greater efficiency to debt capital markets.

Highlights of The 20-Day Season & Sell ProgramSM:

  • The only proprietary 20-day offshore affiliate loan-trading program in the market.
  • Establishes the new standard for offshore affiliate loan trades.
  • Cheapest, quickest and most efficient offshore affiliate loan-trading strategy.
  • Eliminates many historic, tax-motivated, expensive, and inefficient operating guidelines of direct lending fund managers and offshore CLO sponsors.

Getting Started:

  1. Sign up on Stackfolio for free.
  2. List your loan on Stackfolio’s Marketplace for free.
  3. Simultaneously:
    • Trade your loan to the highest bidder at or above par on the 20th calendar day.
    • Pay the Stackfolio transaction fee after the loan trade closes.
  4. Execution of boilerplate tax opinion backup certifications.
  5. Receipt of US federal income tax opinion at “will be” level of certainty from Anderson Tax & Finance Law, LLC.

Contact Stackfolio or Anderson Tax & Finance Law for details and begin listing your loans today.

Omar Esposito
Chief Revenue Officer

Anderson Tax & Finance Law, LLC
Todd Anderson
Founder and Managing Member


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